Background Print

In the current economic environment (turbulent and increasingly globalised) companies, especially SMEs, need to be prepared to compete on a global scale. Business competitiveness can no longer be based on aspects that have worked traditionally in the past; rather it should focus on innovation as a fundamental aspect that promotes development and, in the worst cases, permits survival.

A commitment to innovation as an instrument for the creation of value in companies should be based on a series of capacities which are present in all companies and which are expressed through the interaction of their members with each other and the environment. These capacities are present in the day-to-day activity of organisations and all the areas and activities that they carry out.

This project aims to focus on this problem by providing processes, methodologies, and instruments that permit companies to discover these capacities, which they possess but do not necessarily identify as the starting point for the development of innovation.

The project, as well as focusing on aspects such as possible innovations in products and processes, will also take into account areas that traditionally have not been considered as potential areas of innovation such as markets, competitors, clients, staff and suppliers.

The universities participating in this project have a long history of co-operation with enterprise organisations in their context (region and country). The present proposal stems from the real demand for improvement of innovation capacities and competitiveness on the part of the enterprise representative institutions involved, therefore it is based on actual needs.