Results and outcomes Print

The project is generating a series of results and tools which are linked to innovation in companies:

•    A preliminary report on the state-of-the-art of practices related to assessing innovation processes and skills of companies in each of the participating countries, as well as existing programmes and measures to foster business innovation. This served as a starting point for the subsequent project phases and allowed designing a tool, adaptable to the circumstances and characteristics of companies participating in the study.

•    A tool for the analysis of the innovation capacity of organisations. It combines variables related to the capacities of with the different areas of activity within organisations in which it is possible to innovate. The tool has been designed and improved with a high degree of participation by the companies involved.

•    After the application of the analysis tool in the organisations, an individual report will be created for each company as well as a global report (innovation map) in which the shortcomings identified with regard to innovation in the areas and capacities that are the object of the study will be described. A comparative report describing the results obtained in each of the sectors analysed will also be created.

•    The design and development of innovative training and support actions which will combine formal and non-formal activities, with the aim of providing participants with the knowledge and skills to make them capable of addressing the shortcomings identified in the areas of innovation analysed.

•    A methodological guide which will collect the conclusions drawn from the different project phases and thus permit the systematisation of the mechanisms and processes that have been developed, in order to facilitate their later transfer and adaptation to other contexts and serve as a model for future university-enterprise co-operation.